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Entreprenuers, CEO's, Business Owners,Consultants

"How To Close High Value Contracts & Lucrative Deals in Uncertain Times..."

Over-come, anxiety, feel positive and energized, attract better clients, double your fees, pitch for higher value contracts, develop key relationships, win tough negotiations; close more deals in less time; secure your biggest contracts to date; eliminate competition; persuade investors and partners to buy into your vision.


”After our initial meeting I felt more positive and energized than I had felt in a long time.  Although at first I was skeptical I began to use the ideas and techniques and soon realized it gave me a different and more effective way to approach clients. I have since found that they really work. On one occasion they were responsible for closing a contract worth £350,000.”

Ross Cunningham

Talento Recruitment

"Within a month of working with Brian I closed 5 deals of the approximate value of between £35,000 and £45,000 a total of more than £200,000 revenue. These were extremely tough negotiations I used the material and work from the Advanced Mind programme and couldn't have done this without it. .”

Lorna pellet

Graduates for Growth

"shortly after starting the program with Brian I was able to gain focus and clarity and had made remarkable breakthroughs. I closed my first big deal for 300,000 Euros and just had confirmation that we have won another big deal 800,000 Euros. I think I have hit my target for the year and we are only half way through".

Neil Campbell 

Cooper Software

I went from selling 5-6 cars a month to 15 cars after working with Brian Halliday. And I was meeting my monthly VRI and add-ons target in a week. I hadn't sold any add-ons in the 2 years previous to this course. I was always nervous selling VRI's and other add-ons I am now totally relaxed and confident selling them 100%

Paul Geekie

Mercedes Benz

“We were in the early stages of developing a key relationship with a major bank. They had already donated £240,000. After working with Brian we were able to go in for a second ask and secure the full £1 million commitment and received £1000’s worth of additional help we never knew was available ”

Francis Benton


“Previously we focused on selling contracts worth £20 per pc per month to small businesses. Now we are pitching contracts £25,000 to £40,000 a year and we have just secured our biggest contract to date. Three times bigger than anything we have had before and just as easy to fulfill.”

Johnathon Farley

Farmore IT

"I was having serious anxiety about picking up the phone and talking to senior people who were potential clients of mine. Even when I met them I wasn't sure of what to say. After working with Brian I was able to get on the phone the next day and started getting on board a client I had previously been too anxious talking to and am still working with today. Average value of a client is £50,000."

Gillies Kleboe

Executive Search

"Since working with Brian we have already doubled our fees and are attracting clients at a much higher value and all in such a short time. The skills taught on the course have been so effective that one client came to us with a budget of £2000. After the meeting he left desperate to find £22000 for the proposition we pitched 1000% higher than his budget,. He has since found that amount and is now looking for even more funds to put into this project".

Jim Divine

21 Nine Advertising

"A couple came in looking for a black Merc around £18000. I was able to qickly switch betten them and make a deep connection with both of them. I told them I didn't have a black car I had a silver one at £24000. I used commands such as "this is exactly what you want" and "this is the perfect car for you". That's when she started to smile and relax even more. after I used those commands the price went out of the window and I made the sale".

Derek Carter

Mercedes Benz